2018 (8 wk)

Alchemy is an AR concept designed to capture and manipulate inspiration from the physical environment.


AR Remixing

Why Capture Real Content?
Alchemy is a concept that encourages creators to easily take elements from the world around them that inspire them. 

We value the rich inspiration from our physical world, yet we lack the tools to capture them and use them meaningfully. Alchemy is a tool that addresses this,

Find inspiring physical objects and textures -> seamlessly experiment with them

Current AR/VR Content 
Current creative AR/VR tools use existing high fidelity models and materials. These tools create polished, but conventional-looking content.

Natural Bookshelf.122
Natural Bookshelf.33

Spatial Object Menu

Waist Level Color/Texture Menu


Alchemy steps-circle

Gaze selects region

Alchemy steps-03

Eye-tracking defines object shape

Alchemy steps-01

Gesture completes selection

Gaze Region
The gaze region determines the area that the AI processes. When a person becomes interested in the object, the head tends to turn to center the object. 

Eye-tracking is useful to determine both the edges of the object and which aspects are interesting within the object. 

A hand gesture can help further indicate that users intend to select something, and what they intend to select. 





Edit Features

Spatial shelf menu for remembering content location more easily.

Easy throw to delete. 

Waist Menu
Editing menu options dock around waist.



Early Experimentation (Tested in VR)

Alter Objects

Combine Objects

Apply Materials

Early Prototype Insights

• Enjoy colliding the objects together and "smashing" them together.
• "It feels like grilling"/ baking.
• They enjoy mixing colors to create more colors.
• They treat the words as shapes with characteristics.
• They want to also scale up the physical coloring tools.
• They want ownership of the content
• They want to build and combine elements freely.

Key Insights
People value things they are inspired by in reality but oftentimes lose or forget about the content in favor of things that are more convenient to categorize and manipulate.

01. People value things they touch and experience more than things they see digitally.

02. People are increasingly interested in local and heritage-based things.

03. People have stopped taking inspiration images because they get lost in the albums.

04. People like collecting and being rewarded for their curation of things.

 05. People feel like they can experiment with things that they captured--- it seems less precious.