HP Internship

HP proprietary work- all work belongs to HP and cannot be shared. Projects patented and patent pending.

Lightbox is a interactive MR concept

Sara HP Final.011
Sara HP Final.012

Lightbox is a mixed reality window that allows you to interact with 3D holograms in a controlled window.

The 3D holograms are explored with natural gestures.

Unlike with MR headsets, with Lightbox, many people can simultaneously view holograms and quickly switch between users.

HP Firefly is an interactive home device concept

Sara HP Final.066
Sara HP Final.067
Sara HP Final.068
Sara HP Final.069
Sara HP Final.063
Sara HP Final.064
Sara HP Final.074
Sara HP Final.073

The Duo Tray is a dual charging pouch and tray concept

Sara HP Final.057
Sara HP Final.054

The Duo Tray can be pinched together to open the pouch.

Sara HP Final.061
Sara HP Final.055
Sara HP Final.056

Collapse the pouch into a tray by popping the topside inward.

Sara HP Final.060
Sara HP Final.059
Sara HP Final.058

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